Film sessions spur on Melo

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By Michael Kinney

OKLAHOMA CITY– For athletes who make millions and millions of dollars, finding motivation can often be a tough chore. When those athletes have reached superstar status, it’s even more difficult.

However, according to the Oklahoma City’s Carmelo Anthony, it takes hearing a few jokes from his teammates during film session to get his motor revved up.

“The next day after a game, you do not want to be on that film session saying you made a bad play, not rebounding the basketball,” Anthony said. “Even though it’s all laugh and jokes, at the end of the day you have to hold yourself accountable for that. I don’t like looking at that.”

That has seemingly happened to Anthony a number of times this season when it comes to rebounding or lack thereof. In his first season with the Thunder, the 16-year veteran is averaging 6 boards a game. Over his career, he is slightly higher at 6.6.

However, in the past seven days, Anthony is hauling down 7.3 rebounds a night. That included 10 Saturday in Cleveland.

“I think it’s more of a focus, emphasis to get in there and rebound the basketball,” Anthony said. “Plus I hate to look at film and coach is getting on me about not rebounding the basketball. So I think that’s more of the reason why I am attacking the glass like I am.”

Anthony admits avoiding hearing his teammates get on him about not being aggressive on the backboards has always been a prime motivator.

“In film the next day even my teammates are like “Come on Melo, you’ve got to get that rebound,’” Anthony said. “You’ve got two rebounds and three rebounds, it’s just not acceptable.”

Anthony still has a ways to climb to reach his career high of 8.1 rebounds from the 2013-14 season with New York.

As a team, Oklahoma City is sixth in the league in rebounding at 44.9 a game. But they are No. 3 in the league in differential with a plus 4.

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