Maserati unveils new line in D.C.

(Photo by Michael Kinney)

By Michael Kinney

WASHINGTON D.C — Maserati has always found a way to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s been with its sleek and elegant look or high-powered performance, the Italian brand is known for creating its own path.

That has been the Maserati way since its inception a century ago.

“It’s a very historic Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer founded over a hundred years ago by the four Maserati brothers,” says Karl DeBoer, Brand Manager at Maserati North America, as we check out the cars on display. “The Maserati brothers got into racing and then ultimately production vehicles, and it’s because of that heritage that we’re here today with these gorgeous Italian-crafted vehicles. We’re very proud of that Italian heritage.”

Because of that rich European craftsmanship, whenever the car company introduces anything new to the Maserati family, it tends to be bold and aggressive. That’s the case with the Limited Series Edizione Ribelle and the GT Sports Package, which were both on display at the Washington Auto Show.

“We really want to communicate all of the new value that we’re adding for consumers along with this limited-production series: the Edizione Ribelle, and our brand-new GT Sport Package,” adds DeBoer.

The Ribelle line will include the Ghibli S Q4, Levante S and the Quattroporte S Q4 in the GranSport trim.

“The name ‘Ribelle’ means rebel in Italian and pays homage to the rebel nature of Maserati,” says Al Gardner, CEO of Maserati North America. “These distinctive vehicles showcase the high level of Italian design and craftsmanship that Maserati is known for.”

“We’re only producing 225 of these vehicles,” adds DeBoer. “One hundred Ghiblis, 100 Levantes, and 25 Quattroportes, and that’s for all of North America. We are so excited to launch this very exclusive vehicle.”

The package’s sleek black trim is highlighted on the window surrounds, exhaust tips, vertical grille bars and the 20-inch dark wheels with contrasting red brake calipers. The Ribelle is just as intense inside, with premium leather seats in contrasting two-tone black and red stitching. Also, the steering wheel and front and rear seats are heated.

Maserati’s all-new GT Sport Package will be available in the Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte models. The package includes aggressive front and rear GranSport fascia, unique wheels and a selection of red, blue or black painted brake calipers.

“We added more standard features and content to the 2020 model year vehicles,” says DeBoer. “For example, on our GranSport, trims, our GTS trim, and then also on all Quattroporte models, we added our level two autonomy driver’s assistance package, and this comes with highway assist, lane-keeping assist, forward collision warning, a whole suite of features.”

According to DeBoer, the limited series Ribelle will hit North American showrooms in March.

Michael Kinney is a Freelance Content Provider



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