U.S. Army going old-school with new ‘Army Green’ uniforms

By Michael Kinney

Michael Kinney Media

It’s not often that the United States military makes changes to its uniforms. That’s especially the case in the Army.

However, 2020 is obviously no ordinary year. In the coming days Fort Sill will be the first Army Training Center to receive the new Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU).

Drill Sergeants on base were fitted for the new uniform last week. Basic combat trainees are expected to receive the AGSU at the end of September.

“Fort Sill is excited to start seeing our drill sergeants and trainees in the Army Greens and looks forward to our entire Fort Sill formation donning the new uniform in the near future,” said Maj. Gen. Ken Kamper, Commanding General of the Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill.

The AGSU provides a higher quality uniform with a longer service life than the previous service uniform, according to officials from the Fires Centers of Excellence. It is expected to have a shelf life of six years, which is two years longer than the Army Service Uniform, commonly known as Dress Blues.

After Fort Sill, the rollout will continue with Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., Fort Benning, Ga. and Fort Jackson, S.C.

The new army green sergeant uniform has a historical foundation. It’s based off the service uniform worn by America’s military during World War II.

“The current configuration of the uniform really is very close to what you would have seen during the World War II era,” Annette LaFleur, design team leader told the Army News Service. “It really speaks back to that heritage and we haven’t changed that much in terms of the aesthetics of the uniform.”

Soldiers at Ft. Sill are fitted for the new Army Green Service Uniform during a roll-out Sept. 4.

According to officials, all personnel in basic combat training and one-station unit training should receive the new uniforms by April 2021.

After close to three years and 1,200 test uniforms worn by Army recruiters and 700 prototype models, the Army decided on the new apparel.

Despite the introduction of the new uniform, the Army isn’t tossing the current service uniforms into the back of the closets just yet. They will return to being a formal dress uniform, while the Army Greens will become the everyday business attire for all soldiers.

The Army Combat Uniform – also known as the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) – will remain the Army’s duty/ field uniform.

The new Army Greens are estimated to cost around $500, depending on the clothing combination.

For enlisted soldiers, their clothing allowance will help them pay for the uniforms.

Female Soldiers will have the option to wear versions with a skirt or pants, and will also have additional shoe options. An all-female board helped design the intricacies of the female AGSU.

The Army Greens will be fielded to soldiers reporting to their first units. The mandatory wear date for all soldiers will be 2028.

Vice Chief of the Army Gen. Joseph M. Martin said he has been wearing the new AGSU wherever he goes for the past year.

“As we transition to the next phase of the rollout, I’m excited for the soldiers who are about to receive the uniform,” Martin told the Army News Service. “I think that when they see themselves in the mirror they’ll feel connected to the soldiers of the past and realize that they’re writing the next chapter of what people feel about our Army.”

Michael Kinney is a Content Provider with Michael Kinney Media

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