New Bronco full of surprises

By Michael Kinney

The 2021 Ford Bronco was scheduled to make its first live launch at the New York Auto Show in April of last year. However, due to the pandemic, those plans had to be put on hold and the Bronco could only be seen virtually or by select members of the press media.

That pause ended during the first weekend in March of 2021 at the Oklahoma City International Auto Show. And, of course, Ford was there with their all-new Bronco collection. The newest members of the Bronco family include a Bronco two-door, first-ever Bronco four-door model and the Bronco Sport and they did not disappoint.

Fans flocked inside the Bennett Event Center on the OKC Fair Grounds and made a beeline to the Ford display. Once there they were greeted by a four-door Bronco situated on a platform for the entire room to see. Just off to the side were the 2-door in dark black and the Bronco Sport in the popular Cactus Gray.

It wasn’t just that Ford was introducing a new Bronco, it was as if it was an entirely new generation of the vehicle.

Instead of the rugged, box look that has been part of the line since 1965, the 2021 version has a much cleaner and sleeker style with bold colors such as Cyber Orange, Area 51, Shadow Black, Alto Blue, Rapid Red, Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, and Iconic Silver.

Designers seemingly tried to incorporate the Bronco’s old school mentality with the feel feelings of a Millennial who cares how they look. In many regards, the Bronco has the feel of a more casual Land Rover.

“I like the new updated design that also kept some of the nostalgic features and the options for adventure,” said Glen Abshere of Oklahoma City. “My son, Wes, is 14 years old and he likes the different modes of terrain and the doors that can be removed. He likes that you can take it camping.”

The four-door and 2-door Broncos are powered by a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine that can be offered with a 10-speed automatic or an exclusive seven-speed manual transmission. The Sport has an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Since this is Ford’s first-ever four-door model in the Bronco line, they made sure and pulled out all the stops. Features include removable frameless doors, modular roof panels and separate bumpers with functional tow hooks and the standard terrain management system with five GOAT (Go Over Any Type of Terrain) modes.

Both the Bronco two-door and four-door models have quick-release stowable roof panels and off-road drive technologies and segment-exclusive digital trail mapping that allows its owners to plan, record and share their experiences via an all-in-one app.

2021 Ford Bronco

When it comes to interior space, the new Bronco is long and has ample space. It’s roomy enough for a comfortable ride with plenty of gear stowed in the back.

If you like the look and size of a jeep, then you will definitely like the 2-door Bronco.

Even though the Bronco Sport is a smaller SUV, it still has solid room inside. It fits four comfortably and the truck area has space to fit enough luggage for a long weekend.

“The Bronco Sport has an aggressive style. It has quiet, smooth ride with plenty of horsepower,” said Jason Berger, who works at an Oklahoma City Ford dealership. “The color choices are retro and has great fuel economy.”

The new Broncos come in several different models. They include the Bronco Base, Black Diamond, Big Bend, Wildtrak, Outer Banks, Badlands and the First Edition. However, the First Editions were completely sold out 36 hours after they were first unveiled.

“We had a First edition, that was our limited production, unfortunately, it’s already sold out,” a Ford spokesperson said. “But no matter which one of the Broncos you choose, they all come standard with four by four. We are expecting deliveries of the two-door and the four-door Broncos in June of this year.”

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