Restaurant Review: Bob’s Steak &Chop House

By Michael Kinney

OKLAHOMA CITY– Normally when I venture out in Oklahoma City to find a new restaurant to try, I have tended to stray away from the downtown area. It’s not that they are bad spots, it can just sometimes be a hassle with parking and just getting a table.

However, recently while celebrating a birthday (sadly, not mine), we decided to check out Bob’s Steak and Chop House (100 West Oklahoma City Blvd), which is located on the bottom floor of the Omni Hotel.

Because the Omni is right next door to a parking garage, it took the hassle out of finding a spot. But for those who like to live a luxurious life, there is valet parking offered.

Bob’s has 14 locations situated across the country, with most of them located in Texas (8).

Despite it being a chain restaurant, the owners gave the one in Oklahoma City enough Oklahoma flavor to distinguish it from the rest.  That includes a large painting of a multicolored steer behind the main bar.

With its dim lights and well-attired wait staff, Bob’s has an atmosphere of fine dining for a secluded date night. But with the bar right across the room with large-screen televisions tuned to sporting events, it can also be a great spot to meet up just for drinks and conversations. The jelly beans at the door are also a nice touch.

The menu was not expansive. They obviously believe in the concept of keeping it simple but do it well.

For an appetizer, I had the Lobster Bisque ($13) and the table partook in the Prime Tenderloin Carpaccio ($21). The bisque was flavorful and ranks up there with some of the best in the metro area.

Obviously, being a steak house, beef is at the top of the menu with the cuts coming in a variety of sizes. The smallest is the 9 oz Prime Filet Mignon ($55). It also comes in a 12 oz ($65) and the 16 oz ($73).

The 16 oz Dry aged Pork Tomahawk ($45) and the 22 oz Prime “Cote De Boeuf” Bone in Ribeye ($76) can also satisfy most appetites.

However, it is the 28 oz Prime Porterhouse ($85) that will test you and your hunger.

The non-steak portion of the menu is strictly seafood.

The Maryland Style Crabcakes ($46) are a solid option. However, like most noncoastal eateries, the portions at Bob’s leave much to be desired.

I was extremely impressed with the Fried Jumbo Shrimp ($36) and the Broiled Jumbo Shrimp Scampi ($36). They definitely lived up to the name jumbo and came with perfect sides.

What I was surprised about the most was the selection of desserts. Everything from Crème Brulee to Key Lime Pie to a Triple-Layered chocolate cake was available.

Because we were celebrating a birthday, we went with the Brownie Sundae. It’s made with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownies and Triple Chocolate & Peanut Butter Ice Cream. The perfect way to close out the dining experience.

While I have found in my travels that many hotel restaurants can be bland and basic. Because they know they have travelers already on site, they tend not to go above and beyond.

However, Bob’s Steak and Chop House is different. From the amazing service to the meticulously prepared food, they may be the outlier and are worthy of a return trip.

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