Firecracker Invite goes down to the wire

By Michael Kinney

LAWTON– Peter Kim hasn’t been in Lawton too long. After being stationed at Ft. Sill, one of the first things he did was to become a member of the Lawton Country Club in September.

So, when July rolled around, it was Kim’s first chance to participate in the club’s signature event, the annual Firecracker Invitational. He knew of its history and the big names who have taken home past titles.

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Hatching a business from scratch

By Michael Kinney

TAHLEQUAH, OKLA. – Kimberley Davis wasn’t particularly fond of chickens. A more apt description would be to say she didn’t think too much about them at all before 2020. 

The next thing Kimberley knew, a global pandemic had hit and she soon found her entire world revolving around raising and caring for an animal she rarely gave a single thought to just months before. 

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Thunder joins the Urban League to make STEM a priority for underserved communities

By Michael Kinney

Dr. Valerie Thompson has been with the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City for quite a while. She has been with the organization for 30 of its75 years in existence.

During that time, it has been at the forefront of helping the minority and impoverished communities in Oklahoma City.

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