Oklahoma family rides out tornado in closet as house is destroyed

By Michael Kinney

Colson Berryhill thought he was prepared. After living in Norman (OK.) for two decades, the 25-year-old had witnessed the aftereffects of his share of tornadoes, so he thought he knew what to expect.

However, that is not the case anymore. After Berryhill and his family found themselves crouched down in a closet as a tornado ripped through their house Sunday, he now knows better.

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NBA players take on role model status in OKC school

By Michael Kinney

OKLAHOMA CITY– Shai Gilgeous-Alexander stood near midcourt holding a basketball high above his head. The All-Star guard was surrounded by defenders doing their best to try and knock the ball out of his hands.

But just like during most of his NBA games, Gilgeous-Alexander stood cool and calm and had no worries that his opponents would get his prized possession.

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One last run on the hardwood for gridiron standout

By Michael Kinney

Basketball was Jacobe Johson’s first passion. It was the sport his father played and the one the Mustang High standout originally believed his path to the next level was headed.  

With seemingly just as many offers for basketball as for football, Johnson’s original intention was to not decide which sport he was going to play in college until after his senior year of basketball at Mustang.

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