Oklahoma family rides out tornado in closet as house is destroyed

By Michael Kinney

Colson Berryhill thought he was prepared. After living in Norman (OK.) for two decades, the 25-year-old had witnessed the aftereffects of his share of tornadoes, so he thought he knew what to expect.

However, that is not the case anymore. After Berryhill and his family found themselves crouched down in a closet as a tornado ripped through their house Sunday, he now knows better.

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Thunder visit the White House while on East Coast road trip

By Michael Kinney

When most NBA teams go on long road trips, their down time can provide a variety of things to do in different cities. Everything from shopping to going to the movies can be on the nightly agenda.

However, the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to be just a little different this week. In the middle of a three-game stretch on the East Coast, the Thunder made a special trip to visit the White House Tuesday.

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Bears get physical with Sooners in 38-35 victory

By Michael Kinney

NORMAN– After back-to-back wins against Kansas and Iowa State, all appeared to be on track at Oklahoma. The messiness of their three-game losing streak was in their rearview window.

However, those same issues cropped back up Saturday when they hosted Baylor. Turnovers, suspect play calling, defensive breakdowns and a lack of physicality led to a 38-35 loss to the Bears at Memorial Stadium.

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Fighting for a normal life

By Michael Kinney

OKLAHOMA– When I met Zena Myers for the first time, things were not going well for her. In the Blanchard (Ok.) native’s own words, she was having a “bad day.”

On that June afternoon, Myers had just visited her doctor in Oklahoma City, and she had been in pain since she woke up that morning. When she spoke, the words came out slow and deliberate, but the pain speaking caused was obvious.

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